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family business tradition dating back to 1990.

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Agency for accounting services was founded on 10th November 1999 as a part of a long-lasting family business tradition dating back to 1990. Professionally trained team with great experience offers you good quality bookkeeping and accounting service. Aiming at precise, professional and good quality of doing the business and offering services which we adjust to the specific requirements of each of our clients, at the beginning of the year 2011 we decided to offer our clients bookkeeping using the Internet application Billans. We take pride in being the first agency in Serbia which started successful ON-LINE services with our clients and using WEB application Billans.

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A complete training for the work of accounting agencies or accounting of an enterprise (holders of GOLD license) which includes the overall work in the full capacity of Billans application.Our basic activity is development, user support and training for working in accounting Web application Billans.

Web accounting

By using the web accounting, you save a lot because you do not need a special installation, there is no archiving or sending the documents, no maintenance costs – the system integrates support and the special advantage is keeping the users informed about new accounting regulations regularly!


Free of charge, we give presentations of Web accountancy application Billans to any accountancy agency interested, their clients or enterprises which have own accountancy

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